It’s time to build an economy, now that we are out of the EU

atI campaigned for Remain but the seismic results showed that the UK wants out of the EU. So, it is time to rebuild our UK economy in reference to the years before the UK first joined the EU.

Trade regulations and tariff rates would the subject of conversations in the two year transition period of this divorce from the EU. If it is like that, then it is all simple financial decision. If there are no children to think about then it would be instant severance of connection.  If there are properties involved, sell it. If it can not be sold, then go for another mortgage, if there are agents who are available to source our lenders on LTV mortgage package as it covers the applicants if they have recently lost their sources of income. Speculative reports say on the public media that poor people are not affected by the BREXIT result. That is true.

Voting YES for the EU, to remain with the EU

eu-flag-570x300As a student of business for two years now, I prefer that the UK and Scotland stays with the EU. The power stays with Westminster and if Scotland will gain independence, we still remain with the UK . It may be because it is hard to educate the vast majority of voters about the powers that goes with devolution.  In the most plain English, I am attempting to explain my own understanding of how businesses will be affected and how taxes will rise if we exit from being a member of the EU. It is a decision based on economics,  affecting international markets,  tax free zones and employment. I agree with our PM David Cameron on his convictions about how an exit from the EU would affect tourism. It is a great source of revenues all over the EU countries.

If we vote NO, it would be a major mistake. Another recession could occur and banks will not be able to cushion the fall at such a scale of a major disaster, as many businesses are family owned. These are the lifeline of trade and enterprise. These are not corporations who have vast reserves on capital investment. These are cash basis small business enterprise that gained entry into international markets as a boost to the local economy, with excellent quality of service.

I also agree with our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on her persuasive approach to voters in staying with the EU. I dread the thought of people going through famine and poverty. The UK would be richer with human capital resources who are the backbone of small industries in the UK and the EU. War and terrorism is far from our minds, and it is the least to expect at this moment in time.  More people would become homeless in capital cities where a large concentration of migrant workers seek jobs and work on the back shift, on zero working hour contracts, no benefits to rely on, no NHS to think about, and worse of all no cash on hand. This is way down the poverty level.

Pondering upon my own situation, I am very luck like many who do not realise how lucky we are as British citizens. We have benefits and fundings, should anything happen we can rely on our social services and benefit system. There are people who can not have these, as they must work in order to be able to buy the basic necessities for them to survive and live like humans do. So, these are my reasons why I am voting YES to remain in the EU. Aren’t we all the same after all? It’s just talk about money flow. We must manage that flow.

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The BlackBerry News Weekly Podcast is back!

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Have you updated BlackBerry 10.3.1?

BlackBerry 10.3.1 is here

This week so a BlackBerry 10 OS update. A big update to OS 10.3.1. It brings a lot of new features like Quick Settings from anywhere, endless folders, Hub triage and more. We also now have access to the Amazon appstore as BlackBerry 10 can load Android apps. BlackBerry Blend also becomes available for those with OS 10.3.1. BlackBerry Blend brings notifications to your desktop or tablet.

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New and existing projects and services

Raving Tigers is a network of sites and we offer a few services, mainly relating to BlackBerry. Over on,  we offer a remote unlocking service for BlackBerry devices at a low price. It’s a service we’ve been offering for a while but if you didn’t know, you should check it out. There is also a podcast that you can listen to over on the website that again relates to everything BlackBerry – BlackBerry News Weekly Podcast. The podcast comes to you weekly, every Friday and it brings you all the latest news in the world of BlackBerry.

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