New and existing projects and services

Raving Tigers is a network of sites and we offer a few services, mainly relating to BlackBerry. Over on,  we offer a remote unlocking service for BlackBerry devices at a low price. It’s a service we’ve been offering for a while but if you didn’t know, you should check it out. There is also a podcast that you can listen to over on the website that again relates to everything BlackBerry – BlackBerry News Weekly Podcast. The podcast comes to you weekly, every Friday and it brings you all the latest news in the world of BlackBerry.

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Raving Tigers: Althea & DJ


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Hello there everyone,family and friends, all the way from the Philippines, welcome to my website.

We are are a small company based in Scotland, United Kingdom. I have inspired my colleague to  maintain our other websites, and that were created in 2004-2005.

We endeavour to run our business from,  so you may submit your query on our contact form on our business website at raving tigers.

By 2012 I have developed a portfolio of my first ten years in Scotland, UK and this year in 2014 I will devote focus on these collections that will be set for publications meritorious of a so called publication material in the tradition of a thesis or yes, a book with my own team in my “fellowship”.This was created in 2004 from my Computer Networking class. Continue reading

Back on track!

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Interest :

After a shortlived career in NMPC-National Media Production Center Manila,Philippines, I went to law school then deferred but I became a seafarer, met a guy (co-seafarer), got married and raised our children on my own.

In Scotland, education is an equal opportunity for all, so I decided to go back juggling family life, work and academia. Four children and 23 years of pure bliss is what I can call it. The joys of upscale and downscaling living away from home, at sea and British life that requires a strong will to survive all odds.

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Monastic Life-Benedictine tradition of prayers and works

imageThis is our life at Raving Tigers but add the BlackBerry Products. Our faith is our life. We reserve the rights to the privacy of our knowledge on BlackBerry products to another website with a business plan regarding our own methods of making an endorsement of its use, profitability on protection and security. Here at Raving Tigers we devote time to share files and data on our journeys and pilgrimage to Rome and chosen places in Britain that is of Benedictine origin, as well as its legends and the myths that surrounds the Holy places in Scotland and England. My business acumen will come to the fore this time, with much diligence, that would allure the minds of the stoical with suppositions that bends the will to ignore the truth about the uniqueness of a data. Too ironic to the point of collusions of manic ignorance on the consumer’s market about BlackBerry resulted in the success on the German borders. The truth is, in the corporate world, BlackBerry retains the number one position on demands alone for three layered encryption as the the latest on BlackBerry. image

Apple releases 12 Days of Gifts app for 2013

Apple 12 Days of Gifts

Apple’s annual holiday season giveaway app is out for 2013. 12 Days of Gifts is available to download from the Apple App Store. This year the festive offer will include iOS users in the U.S. Which is probably why it is seeing a slight name change from ’12 Days of Christmas’ to ’12 Days of Gifts’. Continue reading

Why you should download BBM on Android or iOS


BBM has been available on iOS and Android since October 2013. But there may a still some of you out there who haven’t given it a try yet. In the first week after its release it reached 20 million active users. Needless to say many were very happy to see it make its way to other platforms. Continue reading

Raving Tigers revamped

Welcome to the fresh new Raving Tigers. We’re still tweaking things here and there but we should be fully up and running soon, with lots of new things to come too.