The Catholic Church and the British Government

dsc_0067N.B. Taken from the Magnificat p. 184 Liturgies and events of the Papal Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom in September 16th to 19th, 2010
HE Mr. Francis Campbell, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Holy see.
The Catholic Church plays a unique role on the world stage. Globally and locally it active whether through delivering health and education services at the grassroots level, or lobbying world leaders on important global issues such as climate change and conflict resolution. This global presence gives the Catholic Church a unique position in the fight against poverty.

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Coffee, tea or what?

Given the choices on coffee, tea or me, usually would be any of them or all of them. But for one night that lasted for 72 hours, nothing can cure my insomnia. What happened? At first I can not comprehend why my cracker has been crying for 24 hours and she was lucky as she was on her two day break from work. My mum even complained of a sudden migraine as she could not stop herself from just keeping herself busy unmindful of the changing climate, then it snowed. Continue reading

Scottish Side Economic Report 2016

UK Economic Report

Pleased to publish my Scottish side economic report, noting that this is purely based on academic guidance and studies, which has been graded as a pass. Also, note that this is not meant to be a political agenda. I had been studying business for two years in a row since 2014 at Ayrshire College and this is the last of the report that I submitted this school year, 2016.

Micro Economics

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Redwood Ridge! Painting the town RED in Glasgow!

Caroline Marie Tolentino McGregor on Bass Guitar. (Not the first time on stage.) Glasgow Caledonian University Diploma in Audio Tech Engineering and HND in Music at West College of Scotland, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK
Redwood Ridge will be supporting “The Irontown Diehards” at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow on Monday the 24th of October.

A little boy’s greetings


I am holding on to this picture of my lil’ bro, the younger one of the two whom I loved when we were little. We have our vows and we stick to our family creed. That is for life. He gave me this after his graduation from prep school. We had fun together. This is my cousin when he was a little boy and he gave this to me. This picture survived through a lot of things such as fire, floods, and time. We lived our lives, got married, had children, careers and its interesting how life has taken us with its ups and downs.

Raving Tigers Team

We are still here after Brexit. We are looking forward to a brighter Britain now that we have our new Prime Minister, Theresa May with Boris Johnson as our Foreign Secretary. We can begin to look at the brighter side of things that ardochcrescentwould herald global business.  Our new government leaders has ensured opportunities for everybody. This new government has a clear mission for positive goals. The Cabinet is formed and next would be the House of Commons. Then negotiations would be coming more, as these would be tough deals to be faced by our British leaders. We can only hope that they can do what they promise, as we are all hopeful. This is a real quickening. Continue reading