Voting YES for the EU, to remain with the EU

eu-flag-570x300As a student of business for two years now, I prefer that the UK and Scotland stays with the EU. The power stays with Westminster and if Scotland will gain independence, we still remain with the UK . It may be because it is hard to educate the vast majority of voters about the powers that goes with devolution.  In the most plain English, I am attempting to explain my own understanding of how businesses will be affected and how taxes will rise if we exit from being a member of the EU. It is a decision based on economics,  affecting international markets,  tax free zones and employment. I agree with our PM David Cameron on his convictions about how an exit from the EU would affect tourism. It is a great source of revenues all over the EU countries.

If we vote NO, it would be a major mistake. Another recession could occur and banks will not be able to cushion the fall at such a scale of a major disaster, as many businesses are family owned. These are the lifeline of trade and enterprise. These are not corporations who have vast reserves on capital investment. These are cash basis small business enterprise that gained entry into international markets as a boost to the local economy, with excellent quality of service.

I also agree with our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on her persuasive approach to voters in staying with the EU. I dread the thought of people going through famine and poverty. The UK would be richer with human capital resources who are the backbone of small industries in the UK and the EU. War and terrorism is far from our minds, and it is the least to expect at this moment in time.  More people would become homeless in capital cities where a large concentration of migrant workers seek jobs and work on the back shift, on zero working hour contracts, no benefits to rely on, no NHS to think about, and worse of all no cash on hand. This is way down the poverty level.

Pondering upon my own situation, I am very luck like many who do not realise how lucky we are as British citizens. We have benefits and fundings, should anything happen we can rely on our social services and benefit system. There are people who can not have these, as they must work in order to be able to buy the basic necessities for them to survive and live like humans do. So, these are my reasons why I am voting YES to remain in the EU. Aren’t we all the same after all? It’s just talk about money flow. We must manage that flow.

What we do

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A learning curve and a hobby

dj & althea 2009-10Raving Tigers was formatted by us as a learning curve and a hobby. It is not meant to compete with any other. We have simply built this website, designed it and put our Apps as the main topic with BlackBerry. In here, we also want to delve into other areas of our life, about current issues here in the United Kingdom which is all part of the entire scenario of life in the UK, as well as social media themes that captures our attention.

Certain scenarios that we write about varies as it carries a cause and effect message. This is all down to human interests.

Photography is also one thing that we always do, using our smartphones and camera. Music is an integral part of our hobby. We are developing our program on videos games that we are making. We do not know when it is going to be finished but this is a laborious project that we have undergone.

The Holy Cross

DSC_0946Enshrined in the heart of the old Palace of Saint Helena, the mother Queen of Prince Constantine of ancient Rome, is the remnants of the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, with the nails and drops of his blood. I am sharing this to strengthen our faith in the love of Jesus for all sinners and mankind. Behold. This is the good news.

At the first sight of opportunity, I took my entire family to Rome and had a full tour of the most important historical places. This is my living legacy to my mother, DJ and my children, that they may never fail in their faith. There is a living God and I am just an instrument of his love, to show my dearest beloved ones the proof of our faith. This is the mystery of our faith in God.

We had the joys of confession and absolution for our sins. I asked my father confessor to absolve all of my sins but he asked me, what were my sins. Have I failed the ten commandments? I said no dear father. Then he said, what is it then that you ask for absolution?

So think about that simple answer to my question. It could also be yours. So we prayed when we were at mass and lived as the Romans do for 15 days or so.

Full set of Santa Croce Gerusalem, Rome, The Holy Cross

Happy disposition brings forth great prerogatives

ravingtigers2This is all about having a positive outlook in life as opposed to ‘pondering upon the meaning of life’. We are lucky to be British and living here in Great Britain for good. We as British are always focused on good health and well-being. The British government always make sure that our NHS maintains its high standard in medical scientific research finding the cure for every case of illnesses. We are ensured of our medical treatments and our prescriptions are based on the best research, having the hospital care and having our doctor’s registration.

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So, how’s the weather like?

10461529_1449368481987255_586687716_oWeather weekly forecast this Sunday, February 14, 2016 up to a forthnight is…as usual expect four seasons in one day, here in Scotland. So if there will be train cancellations, or bus disruptions,its all down to heavy rains overnight, gales and hailstorms, or heavy snow along the hills. But this week was brilliant.

What we do normally is stay at home and wait for the summer, but there has been a lot of beautiful sights that is too hard to resist. So we go out for a walk along the beach or at the promenade and take some pictures of the snow peak mountains. That is what we do here.

We have been toying with our BlackBerry PRIV lately and I managed to take some awesomeness out of the blues. I shall collate these and download some Apps on my BlackBerry to create a story video, but I will wait for DJ to implement BES12 Cloud. I will go to Rabbie Burns’ cottage this time of the year as we go to college there.

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Fact: Great Britain has conquered space


Althea Elfleda T. McGregor at Tate Modern, London, UK 2005

Now, we can talk about inventions. During the reign of Queen Victoria, Great Britain went through an Industrial Revolution. In history, Queen Victoria had the longest reign, one hundred years ago. This is an era of mechanical inventions, such as the steam engines, locomotive engines, and fire-power.

In our present time, it is Queen Elizabeth II. I would call it the Second Elizabethan Age, where we as a British Nation has conquered the space age with Tim Peake’s 180 days journey in outter space. He is with physicists and astro-scientists, with a prime mission to stop collision of asteroids or to put it bluntly, to protect our planet from being attacked by giant meteors. I also believe that in this space exploration, they would be on a mission of discovery for scientific cures which we can all hope will succeed.  This link is for educational purposes,  and this is the launch,

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