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01112007216Our team : We are British and we live in Scotland.

DJ’s podcast on the PRIV,http://www.thematrixfactor.com/2015/11/blackberry-news-weekly-023-device-comparisons-and-leaks/

Our main feature is DJ Reyes who writes articles about BlackBerry here,www.crackberry.com/author/DJ&20Reyes.

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My prediction for the Nex Gen Phone, a beamer

I am waiting for the next best thing to perfection on mobile phones. The Beamer.

I think somewhere out there people are building up a framework on a tiny motherboard that can beam up images and data with encryption. It would be nice to be able to live up to that moment where we can have prescription glasses that can zoom up to a distance and beam up data synched with the mobile beamer. It must be for the consumers’ market. Of course, cars will be phased out and we will be having all those futuristic cars with no emission running on solar power and charged by diamonds on gold plates which will be made cheap for massive production.

This is my dream. I have seen some of the prototypes on Verge about medical gadgets and spare parts that would replace human parts. Things like the latest heart chamber, robotics arms, robotic legs, eyes and more which were hard to believe it ever existed 50 years ago.

I think war would stop soon as well,as people are getting so tired about all these moral fiasco on war. People are leaning over for peace and the fulfillment of happiness in life.

So, what can we do but wait for more better things coming our way. It is better to think this way rather than fearing for something that has not happened yet.

DJ’s news updates on Crackberry


DJ Reyes , CrackBerry Editor for the UK on her latest news updates

She has been writing for CrackBerry for quite a bit now. She started in July 2010.

Following her articles provides you with knowledge on the latest BlackBerry product and which Apps goes well along with business trends, security features and gadgets that she reviews on CrackBerry.

My quest for my holy grail


Avoit une espee couchiee,

Qui par milieu estoit brisiee.

The Quest of the Holy Grail.
This procession passes and repasses three times. Then Gawain sees:

Issue from the door of a chamber,
A maiden fair and gracious;
He set his mind to gaze upon her,
Gawain, and greatly she pleased him.
And the maiden bare
A little tailleor of silver,
And before all the folk,
she passed on after the Lance. Continue reading

Winter joys for Raving Tigers Team

Debbie-Jane Arellano Reyes and I, Althea Elfleda Marzan Tolentino, created Raving Tigers in 2004. You can call her DJ and I, Althea. We have not sought fame or fortune. We are the Raving Tigers. We are Scottish and we are British-Scottish. We came into being from the inception that preceedes what we have done to be a part of something, like BlackBerry. We have an understanding of good mobile technology, how it is engineered and how it is designed. Before the launch of BlackBerry into the consumers’ market, we are just like many who loved the iPhone and its maker Steve Jobs. The iOS interface was unique. But with the advent of BlackBerry we leaned over to its encryption layers of mobile computing engineering. It is a mini-computer device that does not compromise privacy.
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Priv greetings for February


10471194_531446270288998_7262044382392875874_n at2What can I say about The Priv? Here is an array of BlackBerry SmartPhone devices, ranging from the BlackBerry Z10 which is my favourite, the BlackBerry Classic, the BlackBerry Passport and the PRIV.



.12592726_1724776357779798_5126416746753459306_n            12592732_1724776507779783_63617273669697738_n

It is the best so far and I really like it. I like the interface design, the OS features and I appreciate the keyboard integration. It’s a BlackBerry running Android. You can enjoy the full features of combined 2 phones in one. It’s definitely 2 platforms in one smartphone. The best keyboard and an OS with access to millions of apps. I simply love it. So, there you go! If this was a car, I would call it The Ferrari, as we had the Porche Design some years ago. Here is a link to more reviews about the Priv, http://crackberry.com/bbm-blackberry-hub-calendar-contacts-and-more-updated-priv Continue reading

Our quality of work in our BlackBerry Apps





Flashlight Compass



Iona Chantal McGregor

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A flashlight for your mobile for when you’re in the dark. Complete with compass for when you’re trekking.


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Not a figment of the imagination

Definitely not a figment of the imagination, this is. Not so long ago, we evolved into a major business partnership where we had a rolling capital of £90k then it increased to £350k in 2007. We invested a lump sum of £25k into one computer store and netted just a break even. We had three cars, one for personal use and the others are for business use. But as I said previously earlier on, the British and European economic trade shrunk  in 2007 , creating a vacuum for many small businesses such as ourselves. In those days, you need to be earning at least £2m to be considered a thriving global enterprise.

905298_500599963373629_7568033723261159395_oOur Social Metrics

With facebook coming into Europe in 2007, it was a major break though in business. The downside that people were talking about were pure misconception of how facebook works. It is the fastest way of connecting with people from distant places who have a thriving business and has more chances of mobilising their business targets, maximising sales, maximising income potentials through facebook. That is why facebook became a major league in social media. Continue reading

Coffee break

11061216_1599863663604402_5144427940760190892_n 1505988_1599863683604400_782241589219930710_n
At the heart of this ‘coffee break’ enterprise is BlackBerry. It transformed itself into an opportunity of change. A revolution has taken place during this period in our lives. Driving this innovation is a number of engineers and entrepreneurs who never lost this dream. It is essential if the only way is up rather than allowing your self to sink into the bottomnless abyss. Expensive re-engineering made it seem as if everyone was moving on with BlackBerry. But that was the case.Launches were made in London. It became an epicenter for change. For a period of five years, a legacy has been made. I am still on my way for conquest. On paper, there is no question that BlackBerry is the best in the mobile industry. Nothing has been sacrificed and it is not for recreation or engineering sport. With Raving Tigers, we have the heart of a Lion. We have partaken in one of the virtues in the field. If this were the Elizabethan era, we represent the Queen and command the battlefield. Keen for a reputation. an economic success. I have sailed with my own Spanish Armada. Continue reading